Buy and sell with Autentic Market

A new trading relationship format: create and sell NFTs linked to real goods, without the usual restrictions and complexities


Decentralisation of all operations

Verified companies

No fakes and forgeries

Tokenisation of any asset

Autentic Market - a new trade format

Sell your goods, services and technology to a customer in any part of the world without borders or restrictions. It's a new level of traditional commerce: any item, service, certificate and more becomes digital and that's what's for sale. How it works:


Creating a title NFT

A company creates a digital counterpart from a real physical good, service, certificate, discount coupon or other product - an NFT or UDR (Utilitarian Digital Right).



Next, the title NFT is placed on the Autentic Market for sale. It cannot be tampered with or stolen as blockchain technology and smart contracts are used.



The buyer enters the market, chooses the desired NFT and buys it. Every transaction is carried out under the "secure transaction" principle which guarantees the receipt of goods of the proper quality. All transactions take place using internal stablecoins linked to real fiat assets.


Delivery or resale

The buyer can: keep the token and sell it later, request the real goods from the seller.

The buyer can: keep the token and sell it later, request the real goods from the seller.

Tokenisation and materialisation

We remove all boundaries and restrictions - sell and buy any product, service or technology on the Autentic Market. What both parties get:

Transactions in automatic mode

The seller sets the price, defines all the terms and conditions and places the NFT on the marketplace. The buyer, seeing all the terms and conditions, purchases the token for himself without further approval from the seller.

Security and reliability

All blockchain transactions are open and easily traceable. NFT cannot be tampered with or stolen. And companies undergo mandatory and thorough vetting to eliminate any fraudulent schemes.


There is no need to obtain certificates, as the NFT itself is a digital certificate confirming the authenticity of the product, and a smart contract records all the information about the product, good or service, which cannot be changed.

Digital currency for transactions

For all transactions, internal stablecoins linked to real fiat assets are used to ensure reliability and speed of transactions within the platform.

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Secure buy/sell

A couple of clicks and the NFT is in the buyer's wallet. And the funds for it go straight into the company's escrow account, and once the transaction is completed, if all conditions are met, are deposited into the seller's account.


Everything has been done by Autentic to help sellers create NFT titles quickly and easily.

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If the buyer does not need the purchased item right now, it is kept until it is demanded, i.e. until the token is materialised at the seller.

Any asset

Autentic Market offers a wide range of goods, services. Everything is possible to buy without fear of account blockages or border closures.

Leave the old notion of trading behind. With Autentic Market, everything is easier, faster and more reliable.

Scheme of work on both sides of the trade

To get a better understanding of all the platform's features, let's look at it from the buyer and seller's point of view:



Any company undergoes an authenticity check to avoid any falsification. This will then open access to your personal account, where it is available:

- Creating a title NFT;
- Selling on the marketplace;
- Secure Transaction;
- Profit.


The Autentic Market enables you to buy goods, services, patents and technologies, and claim rights as NFT title deeds.

- Currency exchange;
- Purchase;
- Secure Transaction;
- Materialisation or resale.

Market without intermediaries, automatic fulfilment of smart contract conditions

The use of internal stablecoins and NFT for trading transactions benefits for both parties. You get:

Trading without borders

And other complexities, but with 100% security

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Buy, invest, store your money - all in the Autentic ecosystem

Autentic Market is part of a large ecosystem that includes everything you need to carry out any transaction securely. In addition to buying and selling on the marketplace, our users have access to:

Go digital for all your needs.

Technology for the next level of trade

We have put together the best of the usual marketplace format and the possibilities of modern technology, which is actively used for the crypto world

The Market has many sellers from different fields, but all of them are thoroughly checked, as are their products and services. Also, all transactions takes a few seconds, as there is no need to negotiate anything. Everything is defined in a smart contract and when all the conditions are met, it is automatically executed.

It is up to the buyer to choose what to do with the purchased NFT - to materialise it or to keep it and then sell it for an additional profit. Sell and buy in a new format with the possibility of receiving quality goods and services.

Blockchain is the safeguard of all transactions

We use our own fifth-generation blockchain to carry out all transactions on the platform. It's unrealistic to hack into the system or change the data. For our clients, this is:

Autentic and blockchain - to keep your trading transactions safe.

Internal Stablecoins, instant transactions and other benefits of the platform

The benefits of Autentic's marketplace are accessible, beneficial to both sellers and buyers.

Internal currency

Transfer funds into domestic stablecoins, which are backed by funds deposited into Autentic accounts.

Instant transactions

Buy and sell in a few clicks, with no additional discussions.

Smart contracts

The seller sets up the terms and conditions of the NFT purchase, and the buyer is assured that the terms and conditions will remain unchanged after the purchase.

24/7 without borders

Sell and buy at any time and from any part of the world with no limits.

The benefits of Autentic's marketplace are accessible, beneficial to both sellers and buyers.

Dispelling myths and fears in answers to common questions

The new format of seemingly familiar trades, tokens and NFT all raise questions among those who are far removed from the world of digital assets. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What if I am cheated?

All trade is safe for both the seller and the buyer. Careful checks are carried out for companies to ensure that the NFTs created match real goods, services or other products. All transactions are carried out in strict compliance with the law and are protected against fraudulent transactions by AutenticSecurity. Once confirmed by the seller and the buyer, funds are automatically transferred to the account, guaranteeing security.

Why transfer money into your tokens?

To facilitate transactions, they have created digital analogues of the world's currencies and precious metals - stablecoins linked to real bars of gold and funds held in Autentic accounts. It's safe to store funds, simplifies all interactions within the ecosystem, and guarantees a single settlement system for all activities.

What do you have for sale on the platform?

Everything from goods and services to real estate is available here. Choose the right section and buy.

Could someone counterfeit an NFT?

This is impossible as secure smart contracts are used.

Can I sell anything?

Anything you own. For example, a manufactured product, a piece of property, a car and many more.

Move into the world of the digital economy

With clear tools and assets

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