Autentic GOLD - digital gold

Buy a secure token backed by bullion of 1,000 grams or more from an accredited vault.

Fast converting and exchanging

Use of own blockchain

Reliable investment tool

Available to private individuals and legal entities

A token that expands opportunities for the financial sector

AUg is a digitised version of real gold stored in an accredited vault in the form of 999.5 gold bars.

Transporting or transferring real gold bars is problematic. And sending a token linked to it is a matter of a couple of clicks. This token is linked to bars of 1000g or more.

By putting gold in the blockchain, Autentic enables anyone to own portions of that asset, such as 5g.

All of this is secure and confirmed by certificates of storage.

A token makes it possible to use gold as an investment tool: sell and buy, exchange and store.

Essentially, you own physical gold, but with the ability to dispose of it in a few clicks without keeping it in a vault.

1 unit of domestic currency is equal to 1 gram of gold

Autentic Gold

The difference between an AUg and a conventional metal account at a bank

It is a provision for gold bullion issued to international standards. That is, you own a piece of gold bullion.
Autentic Gold

The value of the AUg token depends on the real-time market price of gold at the SHME exchange rate

The higher the value of 1 gram in the market, the higher the value of the token. This is a great tool to save and multiply your capital without the need to keep heavy gold bars in your possession.

Gold token - tomorrow's guarantee

Circulate money freely on the global market

Exchange AUg for gold - manage funds freely

Use the token like regular fiat money.

Exchange them on BlockDex without the extra difficulties that come with conventional gold bars.

In a couple of clicks, your AUg token will turn into physical bullion, gold certificates, global and cryptocurrencies. Transfer the token into any wallet, use the BlockDex exchange.

Low investment threshold: anyone can partly own bullion

Gold bullion is 1000 grams or more and each AUg token is 1g of a particular bullion (each has a certificate and number).

So you become the owner of physical gold with less capital. The value of 1 token depends on the price of gold on SHME.

AUg purchase is available for individuals and legal entities. Once the number of tokens equals a bar of gold, exchange AUg for real gold bar if you wish. The tokens will be burned as the bullion with your number is no longer physically available.

Minimal fees and no storage fees

Creation, deletion of tokens is our responsibility. The fee for such transactions is up to 2%, depending on amount.

The big advantage is that there are no gold storage fees. Autentic takes care of the storage fees.

If you use AUg on the chain (transfers via SoluChain), the transaction fee is only 0.02%. And the standard price per gas in SOLU is less than a cent. Transferring, converting and paying for goods, services is more profitable than with conventional cryptocurrencies.

Flexible gold management: exchanging, investing, settling, selling and trading

The possibilities for the AUg token are many because of the use of the smart contract. It is easy to:


Currencies, other tokens, NFTs - whatever you want.


A loan will be given against such a token and it will be accepted as collateral and investment.


Use AUg as common means of payment and exchange it for goods.


Gain passive income simply by increasing the value of gold on the market.

The AUg token is a versatile tool, opening up all the transactions available to conventional money, but without the heavy pressures of inflation or politics.


6 advantages of AUg compared to other tokens

And there are a few more undeniable advantages of AUg in the market:


Experience all the benefits of AUg and become a gold owner with a minimal investment.


Token with a real asset

Circulate money freely on the global market

Business owners, owners of cryptocurrency and large capital will appreciate

The AUg token is an ideal tool for those who want to


With the AUg token, a lot of opportunities will open up for anyone with a phone and an e-wallet.

Golden token in 5 questions and answers

Owners and those who are planning to purchase an AUg often ask similar questions. Here are some responses to frequently asked questions:

Autentic Gold

How are the bullion numbers distributed, how do I buy it if it's pieces of different ones?

Our system offers users the maximum number of tokens of a single bullion piece available. If you have different bullion numbers, they are exchanged with other Autentic members.
Autentic Gold

I bought 100 tokens, can I exchange them for bullion?

You can exchange tokens equal in weight to gold bullion. For example, to exchange for 1000 grams of bullion you need 1057.5 Aug.
Autentic Gold

Can I pay AUg in roubles or dollars?

Yes! Withdraw to other wallets, accounts and cards, without restrictions.
Autentic Gold

Can I get a token value after I sell it to my bank card?

Easy. Withdraw funds to other wallets, accounts and cards.
Autentic Gold

If my wallet gets hacked, will I be left without funds?

Each AuG token is linked to a specific gold bar, all your tokens can be recovered. Moreover, our developers use a modern smart contract that allows to recover stolen or lost digital financial assets.

Invest in digital gold

Backed by real bullion