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Theft and loss are excluded

Asset tokenisation and DFA output

Money management without limits

Forecasted returns

Guaranteed payments through a smart contract

In Compliance with the Federal Law 259 on Digital Financial Assets

Autentic - a digital financial asset ecosystem

The opportunity to preserve and grow your capital without the risk of freezes and force majeure

Our product simplifies money and gold management due to unique digital assets and progressive investment, trading and exchange tools.

Our goal is to make the digital financial market accessible to everyone, both individuals and companies

Decentralisation, high level of asset and data security, thousands of digital financial asset positions, internal stablecoins as well as a token backed by real gold.

We open the door to the world of digital economy with unlimited possibilities

Our mission is to move traditional financial transactions into the world of digital financial assets

The traditional market is now influenced by crisis and political strife.

The digital market, on the other hand, has been proven to be more reliable and stable. We can add the absence of any restrictions and the fear of asset freezing. All transactions are protected by secure smart contracts, so it is safe, without the risk of human error.

We carry out all transactions in strict compliance with international requirements

They fix digital rights to their owners, including the use of digital financial assets as an investment and a means of carrying out transactions, as well as participation in the capital of a non-public JSC.

Our aim is to show everyone that the world of digital finance is accessible, understandable and secure

It's a real opportunity to save and increase your capital.

Media reports say about Autentic

Experts, media, bloggers and investors are talking about our products and ecosystem. We would like to share with you some of the most striking articles, statements and opinions.

Move into the world of digital economy

With clear tools and assets

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Full decentralisation and asset protection

There is no third person control of transactions

Your assets are safe as they are stored in your personal wallet and no one else but you have access to them. Human error is also excluded - all transactions are carried out using unique smart contracts. This is a great advantage for both investors and issuers of digital assets.

Experience financial freedom

With Autentic, you have the opportunity to carry out financial and trade transactions with people from every corner of the world. Carry out transactions using blockchain technology with no restrictions.

7 Autentic capabilities available to you

Open up the world of digital financial assets or get a +1 tool for your work, if you're into that. With Autentic, you're in a community of enthusiasts

Our company has gathered true experts and enthusiasts of the crypto market around its products. Discover new opportunities with our ecosystem.

Security is guaranteed

Own fifth-generation blockchain, smart contracts, managed tokens, decentralised management for DAO token holders - all give you 100% confidence that your funds will stay with you.

Protected from theft

The advantage of managed tokens is the ability to recover assets in case access is lost.

On the cusp of progress

With gold tokens and stablecoins backed by real assets, new investment tools - stay one step ahead.

On the same wavelength with the world

Continue to buy, sell, collaborate, invest without borders.

Invest with any amount

Waiting to save hundreds of thousands is unnecessary. Start now.

Confident in returns

Every smart investment contract and every transaction within the platform is automatically executed, and Autentic's specialists provide financial monitoring.

Development plans are thought through until 2024

Autentic is the solution to the current economic situation. The project is innovative, but despite its novelty, every step in its scaling has been thought through.

Join now to earn in the near future on sought-after digital assets.

4 honest responses from platform developers

New products often raise questions and doubts. We give honest responses to the most popular ones.

How to earn with you?

There are several options: buy a secured AuG token, a gold security asset that grows in value, this gives passive income. Participate in the DAO management system, earn income from all transactions that take place in the company. Sell and buy digital assets on the BlockDex stock exchange. Invest in promising companies, earn additional income, buy and sell digital financial assets of companies.

Why won't you be blocked?

All of the company's products are domestic products. The servers are constantly monitored by the founders of the system and have a high level of security.

Will my data be safe?

We use the fifth generation blockchain, a distributed data storage register and advanced security methods. And if you lose your DFA, we will restore it.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Exchange into fiat currencies and withdraw to your account/card. Transfer profits to a crypto wallet and dispose of them as you wish.

Forget about the restrictions: there are no boundaries with Autentic

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