Buy and sell digital assets, make money on BlockDex

Stack trading technology with zero risk of sharp price movements.

Like any exchange, BlockDex operates according to a certain algorithm:

BlockDex algorithm

Possibility to own gold bullion

Fraud protection

Full decentralisation

Transactions with DFA

BlockDex - trading without big drops and investment risks

Go to a cryptocurrency exchange to make transactions with Stablecoins in DFA

- Freedom from authorities and third-party oversight
- No risk of sharp drops in value
- Alternative to stock exchange
- Freedom from authorities and third-party oversight

High-volume asset trades or block trading - a widely used method for several centuries

The point is that hundreds of trades for a particular asset take place at the same time. At the same time, many small bids are allowed within the block. But due to the amounts, the price is fair for both the seller and the buyer.

A great way to invest even with minimal capital,

A cryptocurrency exchange uses the same approach. That is, large blocks of tokens or other cryptocurrencies are sold, but a "slice" is available for everyone if funds are limited

BlockDex algorithm

Like any exchange, BlockDex operates according to a certain algorithm:


The exchange operates from any part of the world with no transaction limits.

Experience the benefits of BlockDex by yourself.

Issue and buy digital financial assets with income in cryptocurrency and gold

AuG gold token, which is backed by physical gold, is available on the exchange.

You can use it to buy and sell assets, save and increase your capital by changing the price of gold itself. You can withdraw money to Metamask, or to an account in customary currencies, including the ruble.

On the BlockDex exchange, you have the opportunity to issue your DFAs, buy those already issued by others, earn gold and invest in promising companies.

A large list of assets, waiting for you to start earning and saving digitally.

All assets on one stock exchange

No risk of frost and blockages

Manage digital assets in tokens freel

Invaluable benefits also await investors on the BlockDex exchange


IDOs and STOs occur all the time, with returns on some positions in the tens and hundreds of percent in a short period of time.

Withdrawal of funds

At any time in any way that is convenient to you.

Advantageous conditions

Choose what suits your needs.

Preservation, multiplication of capital

Digital financial assets backed by the assets of the issuers. Gold token, a protective asset on the market.


Big and small companies will find investors and buyers here.

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State corporations

More and more large companies are interested in new ways of saving capital and raising new funds.

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Both experienced and novice traders have many tools at their disposal to make profits.

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There is no minimum entry threshold. Invest as much as you want.

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There is no minimum entry threshold. Invest as much as you want.

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